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Reviews and Accolades

"The Supreme Court's 1993 decision, Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals,
forever changed the rules on the admissibility of expert scientific testimony.  Now,
this useful new Web site may change how legal professionals keep up with
its progeny."
    -- Robert J. Ambrogi,
       Author of The Essential Guide to the Best (and Worst) Legal Sites on the Web

"It never hurts to keep an eye on Daubert.  How to do that?  On the internet,
there's only one way: Daubert on the Web and its associated weblog, Blog 702."
    -- Illinois Trial Practice Weblog

"A whole website devoted to Daubert and its implications."
    -- Dr. Richard Wilson,
        Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics, Emeritus
        Harvard University

"The only blog to date to focus on a single Federal Rule of Evidence."
    -- Andrew Raff, Buzz Rant & Rave

"A very useful site for learning about Daubert and monitoring developments."
    -- virtualchase.com

"A useful and well thought out site . . . . More like this, please!"
    -- Denise Howell, Bag and Baggage

"The definitive internet spot on the topic."
    -- Internet Legal Research Weekly

"Jetzt hat es auch ein Blog."
    --  Handakte WebLAWg

"A great resource for all things Daubert."
    -- Disability Law Blog

"Incredible website and blog."
-- The Witness Box

"An invaluable source of information on a matter that should be of concern to all scientists."
    -- Effect Measure

"A great resource on expert witness issues."
    -- Ernie the Attorney

"Check back often."
-- katsuey.com

"A well-organized collection of information."
-- New York State Defenders Association

"Comprehensive analysis."
    -- American Prosecutors Research Institute

"A terrific site with humor and attitude."
    -- Benchmark Institute

"Consistently interesting."
    -- Thomas McCarthy,
        Senior Vice President, NERA

"Everything you ever wanted to know about Daubert."
    -- Southwestern Association of Forensic Document Examiners

"Practical advice on living with the rules."
    -- The Scientist

"The small-firm litigator's best chance to avoid malpractice."
    -- Scrivener's Error

"Extremely useful."
    -- Baker & Daniels

    -- Franco Castalone

"Web Site of the Week"
    -- National Law Journal, March 11, 2002

#1 Search Result for "Daubert"
    -- Google

"A great site for anyone preparing for a Daubert or a Frye challenge."
    -- The Heindl Law Firm

"An outstanding collection."
    -- The Indiana Law Blog

"Up-to-date information on recent cases."
    -- Peltz & Walker

"One of the best sources of Daubert information on the web."
    -- San Diego County Public Law Library

"Terrific information for litigators."
    -- Rathwell & Nizialek

"Tells a lawyer what he/she needs to know."
    -- Leonard H. Bucklin, Esq.

"Cool . . . . If nothing else, it will definitely open your mind."
    -- The Detail, at clpex.com

"An extremely well organized resource for Daubert related issues."
    -- Daubert Institute for Science and Law

"One of the more comprehensive sites on the web on any subject."
    -- Overlawyered.com

"A yeoman's job."
    -- Eva M. Lang, CPA,
       Author of The Best Websites for Financial Professionals, Business Appraisers, and Accountants

"A prime resource."
    -- Patently Obvious

"A wonderful contribution."
    -- Day on Torts

"An outstanding internet resource for nearly anything having to do with the Daubert decision."
-- Hoosier Lawyer

"One-stop shopping for legal information on the Daubert opinion and scientific and expert evidence."
    -- Kentucky Law

"An excellent primer."
    -- James M. Wood, Esq., in Pharmaceutical & Medical Device (September 2002) 

"Simply the best free resource available."
    -- Amicus Publishing

"Does a fine service."
-- Linda S. Sherman,
       L.S. Sherman Litigation Consulting, LLC
       Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

"I wish I had known about your site when I began my research."
    -- Scott Kravetz, Esq.,
        Cincinnati, Ohio

"This is a terrific website.  Funny, well written, and informative."
-- Deborah S. Russo, Esq.
        Hartford, Connecticut

    -- Albert D. Viener, Esq.,
    Coral Gables, Florida